Introducing Pineapple Paradise!

Welcome to Paradise!

Get ready for a trip to paradise for the third environment in Defend the Cake. Filling the ocean side reaches of the cakedom are giant pineapples and sand castles. The Eggbirds are a bit topsy turvy after making the boat ride to the island chain and have built the cake upside down! Using local ingredients they created a delicious pineapple upside down cake castle – one of my favorite tropical treats! It is suspended above the sands, but it is still within reach of the hungry riff raff.

In Pineapple Paradise water laps at the edges of your kingdom. Building on small islands which make up the archipelago of Pineapple Paradise you have less space, and must plan your defenses more carefully. Interlocked by bridges the King commands that there be a path to your cake from the docks. The bugs still crave those delicious slices and will try and get them as soon as the Eggbirds relax from a day in the tropical sun. So no sleeping quite yet, your cakedom needs your vigilance.

Hungry critters from all across the lands come seeking a slice of your cake. Its reputation as a bastion of deliciousness has spread all over the land attracting new creatures. These pilgrims of palate have risen from the warm waters and been recruited to the bug army. The bugs have invested into research and development, expanding their suite of tricks. Chop down mighty pineapples to find a perch for your punishing defenses. Toast stacks of bread, ward off waves of warring ants while watching wistful waves. It’s slice to meet you pests, we’ve flipped our strategy. Prepare to punish petulant pests as you protect your purchase in this pristine pineapple paradise!