Bee Motivated! A peek into the Cake creative process.

Bee Motivated for Game Development!  

Making games is hard work and everyone needs to be motivated to finish the project.

How does an idea turn into a game asset on Defend the Cake???  It always starts with a completely organized and a professional brainstorming session, of course.  We’d like to kick-off our blog by giving you a peek into our very serious creative process for the upgraded (modded) bee.


Justin: Level08 will introduce the Upgraded Bee. Mechanically, it needs to have more HP compared to a regular Bee, and I was thinking of making it so it picked up 2 slices of Cake, to give it a higher level of threat.  

We need to flesh out what this upgraded bee is.  IS IT EVEN A BEE!??

Toli : Something like the bro ant that is flying!

Justin :Birds with arms?

Naomi: Are the bosses just juiced up versions of that bug?

Justin: The birds with arms thing is funny, but we have already explored that direction with the Bro Ant; might be stronger if we had something more unique here.

Naomi: Giant hornet

Naomi: Wowowow Giant bee

Toli: !Ay! Quero mucho la magdalena

Naomi: Beelimp

Justin: Another consideration; even though this new creep is going to be tougher and able to carry more cake than the standard bee, it still needs to take the ground path home

Naomi: giant kaiju dragonfly

Toli: What about a mecha bee? Or some sort of tech bee

Justin: That could be interesting. I think we definitely want a mecha something in the game

Toli: or an ant riding on a bee

Naomi: mecha bee sounds legit

Toli: or a bee megazord

Naomi: that’s the silliness level i like for sure.  Something needlessly teched out and silly…Cuz getting cake is THAT IMPORTANT…it requires decades of R&D to make a suit.  I would like to see a noticeable tech escalation as the game progresses lol.  Cuz every time the bugs are defeated, they go back underground to over-prepare.

Justin:yeah, I like the idea of tech escalation.  keep in mind though, that this is appearing at about the middle of the game, so we may not want to blow our tech load too hard here.  Maybe save the super mecha decked out thing for the queen ant?

Toli: naaah we can crazy over blow the queen ant.  Like she comes in with a mecha suit with jet engines and a helicarrier

Naomi: it has been decided!


Justin: Nice!

Naomi: this is great cuz now we can refer to some of the military style concepts for inspiration

Toli: …its a drone drone

Justin: Lol!

Naomi: DRONE DRONE!!!!???  


Justin: The drone with a drone is a fun hit, so long as that can work with the walking back carrying 2 slices thing.

Toli: I think the drone with a drone one. It would carry the bee drone to the cake, then disappear / crash and the bee drone would use it’s two robot arms to carry two slices of cake back and maybe rather than caws it has cake servers

Naomi: will Bee Drone raise questions such as – a bee already flies so why does it need a drone to transport it?  

Justin: I think that’s the level of ridiculousness we’re going for…


And so, Naomi went forth and drew some derpy doodles as stand-in sprites for the game….Mech Bee with 2 claw-game style claws to grab 2 slices of cake at once.  Something no creep in the entire world of Cakedom has done before.  The Mech Bee then evolved…